• Clearview Horizon Inc
  • Clearview Horizon Inc
    is an Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Center located at 20 Bear Foot Lane Heron, MT. 59844 and can be contacted by calling 406-847-5850. Clearview Horizon Inc offers treatment services for Illicit Drug Addiction, Alcoholism and Prescription Drug Abuse

    Treatment Services Offered: Mental Balance Treatment Services
    Payment Options: Insurance - Private Pay, Self Pay

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  • Recent government conducted surveys indicate that driving deaths and injuries are at their lowest point in over 40 years; researchers are currently studying the exact reasons for improvement in the figures, and trying to develop strategies to lower the amount of drunk driving deaths consistently from year to year.
  • A recent study revealed that adolescent alcohol users, regardless of whether they were heavy, binge, or light drinkers, reported they were more likely to use illicit drugs than non-drinkers.
  • The standard state blood alcohol content level in the United States can be reached by the continuous drinking of 3-4 standard sized drinks.
  • When a person drinks an excessive amount of alcohol in a very short period of time, it is often referred to as binge drinking; this type of drinking scenario is a common cause of alcohol poisoning.

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